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      I know this is a problem a lot of people are getting but I just can't find a solution to it.

      I really hope you guys can help me.


      I bought an ebook the other day (epub). They sent me the link and I installed Adobe Digital Editions for the first time to read it.

      I opened the link and (as long as I didn't have an Adobe account) I pushed the unauthorised button.


      Then, after reading that was necessary to use it in multiple computers, I created an account for ADE.

      I went back to ADE and registerd it using my new account (I think I had to push Shift-contrl-D to do it).


      After that, I just can't open the book any more. It says that it's lincesed to another user and if I click on the link again, it says: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.


      I've tryed to uninstall ADE completely, also deleting the Adept key in the registry and the folder My Digital Editions and clicking on the link again, but it won't work.

      The seller of the book says that the only thing they can do is sending me a fresh link to the book and that I should uninstall ADE and try it again. Not working!


      What am I doing wrong? Is it that i need to do something more to completely uninstall ADE?


      Please heeeelp!


      Thank you very much!



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          Sonia, the problem is in the book file.  When you downloaded the book, ADE

          wrote information in the 'tag' it attaches to the book, and that tag had

          information current at the time you did the download.  Now, you've set up an

          account.  When you open ADE now, it sees account information, and when you

          try to open the book, it does not see that account information in the book

          file (.epub).


          Your bookseller is correct.  I don't know of a way he or you could

          re-authorize the book for your 'new' ADE account.  You can uninstall and

          reinstall ADE, but that doesn't change the information encoded in the book's

          .epub file.