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    Opening Ebook on unauthorized pc.




      I both a book for my education but it won't work at my school. At home I installed the Adobe Digital Editions program and it works. But I dont have the rights to install Adobe Digital Editions.


      It is a book for a computer class and we are in a computer room so thats great and everything.


      I have tried to convert the book to PDF but without luck.


      School will not give me the rights to install the program there.


      Is there a way to chance the file to pdf or is there a program that works on the net and does not have to be installed?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Hi Rick!


          I think you've got one answer already.  Although Adobe has programs that

          create .pdf files and .epub or .ascm files, they don't have a file converter

          from one to the other.  I don't know that anybody else has done this

          either.  It's not just a simple conversion, because of the structure of the

          files,the embedded information in each format is different.


          There are some sites that will let you read a book online, but I don't know

          whether it's just the books that exist on the site or not.  You can do some

          Googling to find out.  However, the .epub format might not be readable by

          such a site.   If it were in .pdf, you'd have much less of a problem.


          Lots of workplaces and educational institutions control what software gets

          loaded.  If they didn't do that, they would lose control over the very

          resource everyone needs to be stable.  Chaos is not a good thing very often.


          Here's a couple of ideas.  First, go to the compuer gurus at the school and

          ask them if THEY would load ADE on the school's computer.  You can explain

          that it's a tool that you and your fellow students need to help them read

          books, etc.  I'd make sure you tell them that ADE would be used in

          conjunction with your schoolwork.  It's possible also that your school's

          library might have ADE also.


          Next, buy an ereader that works with ADE.  They're cheap enough [Bed, Bath

          and Beyond has (or had) Literati on sale for under $40].  If you did that,

          you could download your book to it, and you'd avoid all the political c***

          that goes along with getting the school to do something.


          Hope this helps!


          Tom Bell (Frustrated in AZ)