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    Question about frame rates and sequences.

    Albert Trevino

      I wanted to emulate a similar accuracy (although some may argue that) that I feel Sony Vegas has over Adobe Premiere Pro.  In Sony Vegas you can enable/disable the "Quantize to Frames" feature.  This feature enabled has assets snaping when resizing, cutting, stretching, etc a file to the nearest frame.  When disabled, you freely move it about with no limitations.  This is helpful with syncing up a video to an separate audio with vocals, etc...


      I want to start using Adobe Premiere Pro full time but this one thing has me feeling limited on the ability to get audio sample level accuracy with video synced to imported audio like in Sony Vegas.  So basically if a sequence was set to 25fps and you are trying to get it completly synced right... you will be 1/25th of a second off at worst.  Well...  I was thinking what if I started a project with double the frame rate of the source file.  For example.  I have a video source at 29.97fps and I create a sequence of 60fps.  When I am stretching/compressing/moving/cutting/etc the source video I will be that more closer being accurate with only 1/60th of a second off.  Now... I create a new sequence with the source video frame rate.  I then nest the first sequence over it and export at source frame rate. 


      My question is this,  will having the first sequence at double the frame rate then putting into a different framerate sequence for exporting, etc effect the output?


      Thanks in advance for any insight into this.