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    Problem resizing application in SWFLoader content in DividedBox

    robert.brendler Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have some strange behavior in my application. I am extending the plugin system as described by Chris Cantrell, the problem I have might be of more general nature though.


      http://blogs.adobe.com/cantrell/archives/2010/03/extending_air_applications_with_plugins.h tml


      I am loading a plugin (which is a WindowedApplication compiled to an .swf file and loaded via a SWFLoader) into a NavigatorContent within a ViewStack within a DividedBox. I am using pure AS3 files for logic and mxml skins for the GUI layout.


      When I resize the main application window, the SWFLoader.content.application is resized twice (Resize Events seem to come from WindowedApplication window_resizeHandler (first) and setStageWidth (second)) in the main application window. The first event seems to return the correct size, the second seems to ignore the size of the other content Containers in the DividedBox and returns a stage width equal to the width of the DividedBox part that contains the SWFLoader, which also resizes the whole window to that size again.


      When I only move the BoxDivider of the DividedBox nothing actually happens to the size of the SWFLoader.content.application.


      I tried using some manual Bindings via BindingUtils to set NavigatorContent.width, SWFLoader.content.width and SWFLoader.content.application.width but no success. Any Ideas how I could force the components to the right size, first when resizing the main application window, second when moving the BoxDivider?


      Thank you,