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    Multiple Shortcuts continuously reappear


      Every time I start Flash Builder and try to debug a built project file, with shortcut Cmd+F11 (default 'debug last launched' shortcut on a Mac), I get a little popup saying that there's two actions attached to that shortcut, which one do I want?  When I check in the shortcuts section, sure enough, there are two entries for 'Debug Last Launched', with shortcut Cmd+F11 'In Windows' for 'Run/Debug' with user 'CU'.  I've unbinded the first entry, I've unbinded the second entry, but on every restart, both are bound to Cmd+F11 yet again.  For someone who uses everything as shortcuts 100% of the time, this is highly irritating.


      Anyone any idea where this might be occuring and how I might be able to fix it?