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    Equivalents of Flare's togglers and thumbnails in RoboHelp 8?

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      If you go to this page:



      http://webhelp.madcapsoftware.com/flare6/Content/Search/More_About_Search_Filter_Sets/Sear ch_Filter_Set_Example.htm



      On Step 1 – Create And Insert a Concept, at the end of number 3. Select Tools>Concept>Concept Window or press SHIFT+F9 on your keyboard the Concept window pane opens, there is a toggle button with a right arrow. If you press this arrow, a thumbnail appears below. Then, if you hover the pointer over the thumbnail, you get the full size screenshot. Is there a way to do the same with RoboHelp?



      If there is, I would appreciate any hints as to where I could find some sort of step by step explanation. I can't find it in RoboHelp 8's online help nor in the PDF. And if there are no such things, at least the keywords for the main functions of the procedure.



      Thanks a lot,