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    Canon MXF files and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    harebrainedfilms Level 1

      Ok I have searched every where for an answer to this problem but I cant find any answers. I have Master Collection CS5 and have just recently upgraded to a Canon XF 300 camera and a new PC with the following Stats

      Windows 7 Pro

      Intel i7 950 Quad Core Processor

      24GB Corsair DDR 2000mhz Ram

      Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

      Zotac GeForce GTX 470 Amp Graphics card


      Now I'm working on a 2 and a half minute corporate video using footage shot on the XF300 and 5 clips shot on the 7D. the footage looks amazing but thats not the problem the problem is that every time i load up the project now every time i scrub the timeline the pc freezes and the premiere crashes. I can't keep working like this, it also appears that Almost all of my 24gb is taken up.


      I have been working on the project today and i have only managed to move 2 shots the rest of the time the PC is frozen or adobe is restarting. This is becoming a major joke now, is this a bug and will it be fixed? as no one can work like this.


      I have a short film to start filming in a few weeks and im looking at having almost 200 shots to edit now at the moment I'm editing only 25 shots and adobe cant handle it how the hell am i going to edit almost 200?


      Any news or answers will help me out as im at a loss