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    Flexstore filter Panel

      I am trying to understand the flexstore code and looks like I am stuck at the below:

      This is an excerpt from ProductsVeiw.mxml file. Don't think I understand the filter, compare or creationComplete property (???)definitions below. Did not see the these properties defined in the ProductFilterPanel at all.

      <productsView:ProductFilterPanel id="filterPanel" width="265" height="100%"
      filter="catalogPanel.filter(event.filter, event.live)"
      creationComplete="if (catalog) filterPanel.filter.count = catalog.length"/>

      Basically need help what is the purpose of specifying the catalogPanel.filter() function below. This is the place to say which function to call when the filter is changed? If Yes, how does the dispatchEvent knows to call the function assigned to the filter parameter.

      Adobe need to publish the design documentation for the flexstore. Otherwise it is frustrating to go through the code. I am starting to think may be it is too early to jump on to Flex.