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    ESTK external objects, unable to create a new external library

    zyberkid Level 1

      hello everyone,


      environment: mac os 10.6, indesign cs 4, cs4 utilities

      i'm using a estk sdk external library for connecting to oracle database, i'm using OCCI libraries for connecting. i have added the following linker flags,


      1. locci

      2 lclntsh


      in the linker section,

      building arch is native, i386


      added the respective header files for external objects communication and OCCI library headers locations.


      built successfully in release mode.


      when trying to create a instance in javascript it throwing I/O error.


      var basiceo = new ExternalObject("lib:" + libPath);



      when trying to execute a normal framework with out linking the occi's then its working fine and creating the instance.



      please help me out..