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    Administrator has left the building

      How do I go about making changings to my web site if the person who designed the site and made themself the administrator - is no longer with the company?? If I take the site down and repost it then try to connect with contribute will that reset everything so I can set myself up as the administrator.
      Sorry novice user here...
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          Don't take my word for this, as I'm not entirely sure, but I thought I'd reply anyway - When contribute is first installed it creates certain files on the server, an extract for you:

          Find the hub file which will be in the _mm folder within the root folder of the site. In Contribute versions 1 and 2, the hub file is called contribute.xml. In Contribute 3.x and 4, the hub file is called cthub[randomstring].csi. Example of path: wwwroot/_mm /contribute.xml file.

          so, if you can manually FTP into the server you could possibly manually remove these files (although be careful if there are others using Contribute).

          Then try installing Contribute again from your computer (there may be an issue if this is the same computer Contribute originally installed from, then you might have to uninstall Contribute locally first, but not sure). Also be careful to ensure you have all the relevant installation keys first.

          Obviously the best way would be to get the information from the person who left.

          Anyway, hope this helps a bit

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            Note: The following assumes:

            1. that your are using CPS to administer the website
            2. these steps are for a linux CPS server, so if you are running CPS on a Windows server the filepaths will be different
            3. on my system we are using an LDAP for authentication instead of the flat-file db, but this shouldn't make a difference

            Adding a user to the Admin Role manually

            1. Navigate to /usr/Macromedia_CPS/database/
            2. Change to the numbered directory that corresponds to your particular site. If you only have one site then this will be easy to figure out.
            3. Change to the users directory
            4. Change to the directory that is named for your particular user. For example johndoe@adobe.com
            5. Edit the file in that directory named user.xml
            6. Change the existing role name to be Administrator and save the file
            7. Restart the CPS service

            At this point the next time that you login, you should now be a member of the Administrator role. At this point you should have full admin rights within CPS, including the ability to admin the website.