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    Calling Webhelp from a java app

      I am experienced with context-sensitive help using HTML Help and C++ but this is my first time working with Webhelp and java applications. I have created a Webhelp project with RH X5.

      The developer I'm working with is trying to add context-sensitive calls. The help file will open from the app, but only to the start page, not to the page associated with the MAP ID. Actually, we played around a bit and it won't open to the Search or Index panels either when replacing HH_HELP_CONTEXT with HH_DISPLAY_SEARCH or HH_DISPLAY_INDEX.

      We have followed the instructions in the RoboHelp Help file, as well as information that we could find online. She has the API and her calls look correct. According to the CSH test tool in RoboHelp, my project is fine. Does anyone have any suggestions or slaps upside the head?

      (We just did this for a Web app last week and that worked as documented so I'm really scratching my head with this one.)