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    Fireworks Out of Memory Error

    Michael Vaughn Green

      I guess this will be nothing more than a rant about my disappointment with this software.


      I recently introduced Fireworks into my web design workflow. I hop around PS, Ai, and Fw quite a bit. I am running a Quad-Core, 64-bit, 8GB Windows beast. I shouldn't be having this issue "out of memory error" 3-4 times a day. But I do. I searched the web for a solution, but there is none, expect the awkward - limit the number of opened files and restart every hour. Not acceptable.


      I'm truly disappointed in the lack of support or feedback that Adobe has addressed with this issue.


      If I could, I would switch software suites. This is truly an enormous oversight that has no foreseeable solution. I love Fw and Ps, but unfortunately I have lost faith in Adobe.



      I can't imagine the woes that CS 6 will produce.


      Unhappily yours.


      If there is a solution, what is it?

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          I use a similar combination of software and the only one that ever has issues is Fw.


          I've posted the same questions as you (and many others) and been ignored.


          Adobe don't give a toss.

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            pixlor Level 4

            This is a user-to-user forum. If someone knows the answer, you'll get a reply. This is not a forumwhere you can get technical support from Adobe.


            I don't think anyone has an answer for this problem, as it doesn't affect everyone. But it has been brought up before: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/675951?tstart=-1

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              AndyReid-McGlinn Level 1

              What's the craic with the 'Community Professionals' then. I've not seen any guidance from them on the subject.


              You'd figure Adobe would want to sort out a serious flaw in their software, no matter how many users it affects. Based on forums and personal experience (both with my own software and my designer pals) that's an awful lot of people.


              Thanks Adobe.



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                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                Adobe Community Professionals are volunteers, here to help users, based on our experience. We also write articles and present sessions that revolve around our areas of expertise. We do not work for Adobe, nor do we necessarily know the inner workings of how bugs are fixed, when or if they will be fixed. We have no control over guaranteeing a bug will be fixed.


                The best way to get your bug noticed and acknowledged (internally) is by filling out the bug form on Adobe's site.


                Adobe Wishlist/Bug reports

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                  AndyReid-McGlinn Level 1

                  I appreciate the explanation Jim, the page about 'Community Professionals' gave me the impression that you had more access to Adobe than the rest of us.


                  I've filled out that Bug report form more times than I care to remember. I've never had a response. I tried calling once and all I got was a disinterested sounding chap who told me the problem was 'being looked into'. I believe that about as much as I believe a FIFA official.

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                    Jim_Babbage Level 4

                    My understanding is that data is collected from the bug list but generally, the engineers don't respond back. Based on the consisteny (number of similar bug reports) of a problem, it gets attention of the dev team, but then it has to be given a priority. It's unlikely the FW team has the numbers or resources that say, the Photoshop team has. So very likely it comes down to picking and choosing. What battles can be won? What is feasible to improve on, while still adding useful new features in the time span allowed? Not easy decisions and regardless, not every one will be happy with the choices.


                    Based on CS5, I can see that Adobe is committed to improving performance and memory management in FW. FW CS5 was a vast improvement over CS4 in those areas. Perfect? No. But much better.


                    For a detailed look at some of these improvements, check out these two articles:





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                      Michael Vaughn Green Level 1

                      I appreciate the Smashing Magazine article. I go there quite a bit. Good site. But I still find this more than just a "bug" or "performance" issue. Just because it improved over CS4 still doesn't solve the current issue that many Fw users are having. I'm going to go to the above link and report the issue, but based on what I've seen across the web, it still hasn't been addressed or acknowledged as an issue they are working on.


                      In regards to improving performance over CS4, it is like saying, "Oh, well we had 2 tires for our car last year, now we have 3!" That's great, but you still can't go down the freaking road without ending up in the ditch.