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    ActionScript returns null/undefined for PHP mySQL call


      I dont have the code infront of me to post this but I will when it is available.

      I can test this service by using the 'Test Operation' functionallity and it returns what I expect from the database.  But when I run my mxml application and test the operation it returns null/undefined (AsyncToken).  I do not know why because I have a log function to my php code and can show that the queries/results from the php query are exactly the same.  The ActionScript was auto-generated from my php code and I have added trace statements to show that the actionscript fails to receive a non-null return value from the send command.  I don't know really what to look at from here though as I am running out of ideas.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I have had the same sort of issues, and I can only put it down to a bug with FB.  My Test Operations will work, but the MXML application won't.  My analysis showed that my PHP code wasn't even being calleId (I had a method that would write to a datafile), but it was fine during during the test operation part.  Also FB built the code.


          I have found the select all records work, but creating or updating a record was an issue.  I have not investigated deleting or pagination yet.


          Techniques that I have used is to remedy the situation has been to start all over again - and somehow that has worked.  Another technique was to remove the PHP function, re-compile (or refresh the data service), paste the PHP code back in, recompile and somehow that works.


          Now I can't even get a simple validator to work.  Back to the books again.