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    Settings for a widescreen project

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

      Hi all


      I assume this is a basic question which the answer perhaps is still easier. I´m a Premiere basic user


      I´m trying to make widescreen projects and use Encore to export a DVD which the video fits perfectly LCDs and Widescreen Tvs...So my workflow is:


      I´m starting new projects using the DV-NTSC Folder > Widescreen 48khz

      The imported videos come from a mix of 2 Panasonics AGDVC20P and 1 Sony HD1000. Sony HD1000 records 16:9 and Panasonics 4:3 (I use a little zoom at Premiere to fit the screen).


      After finishing the Premiere I render the project and go File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore. Make the menus and build a DVD.


      But the problem is: I perceive on my TV the image looks like 16:9 but black stripes still appears up and down the image (tested on various tvs and the same).


      What Am I missing?


      Should be a different size than 720x480 and Pixel aspect ratio 1,2121 as Widescreen DV profile set?

      Anything at Encore?


      Thank you a lot for the help.