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    RenderPDFForm with formdata specifying button attributes

    jvenkatrao Level 1

      I have a short-lived process that renders a PDF form using form (in PDF format) and formdata (XML). I created the formdata sample file using another process that uses formDataIntegration-->ExportData service. This process does not create skeleton nodes for button fields that are in the form. I have several buttons in my form and I want to control their visibility, position and URL values using input XML.


      How do I create the input XML with button fields (nodes) ?  I tried to specify button properties by looking at the form design in the designer. But RenderPDFForm does not seem to be liking it. I am able to populate other text fields in the PDF.




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          Jon Bionda Level 3

          I don't think you can just set properties in the xml data that will be directly applied to a button in the form, or add the button in the xml data.  I think you will have to put the UI controlling info in the xml data which will be merged into the PDF in your render step, and have some code in the form load event that uses the UI info to manage your buttons.  The buttons should likely all be configured invisible in the form so you don't get screen flashing on startup.


          Maybe others with more Form scripting experience can add more.

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            jvenkatrao Level 1

            I got buttonscript written and enabled for the form buttons to take dynamically provided attribute values from an input XML.


            Now I have another problem with these buttons. The form buttons are assigned URL values when the form is opened. When I click on them,

            I get Security warning prompting me to allow/block that site. When I click on 'Allow', I get a window of download statistics of the website that in the URL. 

            This would be annoying to the end user. How I do I suppress the Security warning window as well the download statistics window before the PDF is opened ?

            I will post this question as a different discussion topic.