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    Multiple keyword page number display, help me please!


      Hi! I've been trying to solve this problem by checking other theads on this forum as well as other forums, but I can't seem to find a suitable solution and now im pretty desperate.

      I'm working on a book where we've had to change the numbes on each page and re-make the index. The situation is that the old index is correctly fomatted with about 11539 keywords, and after each keyword the pages where they show up are displayed. The index is situated in the same .indb-file as the rest of the book.

      Currently I'm fixing this manually by change and find, working overtime busting my a** to get this done. The problem is that in spite of this, it looks like I won't make it to the deadline.


      So, does anyone know if theres a way to enter multiple search tags into a script, and then get the script to display evey page number where the tag can be located? Since the book contains 11539 keywords spead out on ove 700 pages, I'm going crazy here. I would love to just copy-paste all the tags into a script, press enter and then get them displayed one by one so that I could copy-paste them back into the index.

      I wouldn't mind re-arranging the whole index, as long as I found a feasable way to solve this problem. I am currently running CS3, but I can upgrade if necessary.


      PLEASE HELP ME! I'm in a world of pain that's worsening day by day.


      /Corinne, Sweden