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    Reader Dragon conflict


      Yesterday I installed Reeader 10.0.1, and am now receiving a SendKeys error when using Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1.  I am told this is due to a conflict between Adobe Reader and DNS.


      Is Adobe going to fix this, if so how soon, or are they going to leave it to Dragon to fix - ie do I have to uninstall Reader & find another product?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would say you should report it at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

          first. Then revert back to version 9 if it worked.


          As far as anyone giving you answers to the rest of your questions, it's doubtful you will get any. Anyone working on new versions of software are generally under an NDA so can't really let you know what they are doing.

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            ManishPali Adobe Employee

            Could you please try turning off reader X protected mode and check if you continue to see the problem?


            You could turn off protected mode using following steps:


            1. Launch Reader X and select Edit->Preferences...

            2. Select General from left navigation

            3. Under application startup uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at Startup"


            Note: You should switch "ON" protected mode after verifying the problem. Purpose of Reader X Protected Mode is to keep your system safe from PDF based exploits and keeping protected mode OFF will leave your system vulnerable.

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              Cedric48 Level 1

              Sorry, a bit late.  I have already uninstalled

              Reader 10.0.1 and installed Reader 9.4, and the problem has gone.

              An earlier reply on a Voice Recognition forum

              stated this problem effects DNS 11, I have

              established it also effects DNS 10.1.  That forum suggested removing Reader 10.

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                Hi ManishPali,


                I am seeing similar problems to the original poster using either DNS version 10 or version 11 and Adobe Reader 10.0.1. My experience is that I get the sendkeys errors with version 10 but with version 11 DNS has a tendency to either freeze for around 30 seconds then come back to life or just lock up entirely and have to be killed through the task manager.


                I have tried turning off protected mode and that fixes the problem. Are you able to advise of a more permanent solution?

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                  Hi - we just deployed Reader 10.0.0 to over 6,000 PC's. Our Help Desk is now getting flooded with trouble calls from our Nuance Dragon 10 users with the Sendkey error. We can temporarily uncheck the "enable protected mode at startup" on a case by case basis as they receive calls, but is there a more permanent solution in the works?? From what I understand, the 10.0.1 update does not fix this issue. Help!?

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                    NB: In my case, reverting to Adobe Reader v9 did not solve the problem, but I suspect that a subsequent automatic update on v9 (that I was stupid enough to accept) also caused the same trouble. Or maybe removing Adove Reader X did not remove all DLL and left something on my PC (Windows 7 64bits) that still contains the bug. Any suggestion? Please don't suggest me to reinstall the whole PC!

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                      Cedric48 Level 1

                      Some Foxit fans suggest remove Adobe Reader and install Foxit.  I

                      haven't tried that and of course there is a possibility (probably

                      small) that Foxit will also clash with DNS.  Maybe something that

                      does a clean uninstall of v10 is another solution.

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                        fdumortier Level 1

                        Well, unfortunately, even after removing Adobe Reader, the problem still occurs. Less frequently indeed, but still. I was suggested by Nuance to change some subtle settings on the RPC and DCOM services, but those settings are grayed out on my PC even under an administrator account.

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                          SeSAlex Level 1

                          My company provides Dragon solutions, and I just blogged about this tonight:  http://www.speakeasysolutions.com/blog/2011/03/07/dragon-error-com-returned-an-unexpected- error-code-details-are-hookerr_nonotifywindow/


                          Hopefully this will help others until Adobe comes up with a real fix... or until everyone has dropped Adobe Reader.


                          Cheers and good luck!

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                            fdumortier Level 1

                            No, sorry ! As I told in my previous message nothing solved the problem, including completely removing all versions of Adobe Reader and installing  Nuance PDF reader instead. Except reformatting my hard disk and re-installing all, or waiting for a debugged version of  Adobe Reader, or reverting to a  Windows restauration point, I don't see any way out. I tried the latter at work: my PC became totally unstable and I had to reformat and re-install all.

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                              SeSAlex Level 1

                              Yes, as you sadly found out, never ever use a restore point on your PC if you are a Dragon user.  For that PC you will need to use a formal Dragon removal tool, reinstall Dragon and import a backed up copy of your profile (as you aren't our client, I've no idea if you were taught this, but I'll assume so).


                              In the other instance where you've removed Adobe Reader and you still get the errors, I would suggest contacting Adobe for a formal Adobe Reader removal tool, as it sounds like some DLLs or the registry is stuck.  Once removed, that aspect which hinders Dragon should also be removed.


                              And of course, if all else fails, wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything (except Adobe Reader).  It sounds as though there is something off with your system given that Adobe Reader is being resistant to full removal, so a reinstall may be a good thing at this point.


                              Good luck!

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                                axepack Level 1

                                Does anyone know if this issue has been acknowledged or fixed by Adobe yet?  I can’t seem to get an official response from anyone at Adobe concerning this error.  I’ve tried all of the “fixes” and workarounds without any luck.  My company’s information security team needs an official response from Adobe in order to rollback our Reader version to 9.x.

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                                  CRASH774 Level 1

                                  We deployed 10.0.1 with Protected Mode OFF – we’ve been OK for over 9 months now

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                                    axepack Level 1

                                    I wish that were the case here.  We have 10.1.1 deployed and even with all of the workarounds posted here, we cannot get Dragon Naturally Speaking to work correctly with any PDF.  It appears that Nuance does not have a permanent solution to this issue either: http://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6224/kw/Adobe%20Reader/session/L3RpbWUv MTMyNzQxNDAzMS9zaWQvRnFUNFlYT2s%3D

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                                      SeSAlex Level 1

                                      axepack, have you tried the solutions we offer here:  http://www.speakeasysolutions.com/blog/2011/03/07/dragon-error-com-returned-an-unexpected- error-code-details-are-hookerr_nonotifywindow/


                                      Nuance has done all that they can conceivably do with their latest v11 service release.  The rest, unfortunately, falls to Adobe.


                                      I was working with a client yesterday who has Adobe Reader X installed, and griped about its issues with their company's email system.  The issue with Adobe Reader X is not isolated to its effect on Dragon, unfortunately.


                                      The only real recourse is to remove X and install a previous version or another PDF reader altogether.


                                      Good luck, all.

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                                        axepack Level 1

                                        I did try those solutions, thanks for posting that Alex.  We've upgraded Dragon to the latest release and still can't shake that error.  Funny you should mention the email system issues.  We encountered a slew of errors with different programs that we use after we rolled out the upgrade.  No amount of testing could have prepared us for the very strange errors our users began to see after the upgrade.  Our next step is to explore other PDF viewer options, or roll back to 9.x unfortunately. 

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                                          SeSAlex Level 1

                                          *nods*  Unfortunately Reader X wreaks havok across the board, and yet does it in such an intermittent way that it's difficult to even track down as the culprit.  Corporate IT truly have my sympathies on this one.  Most of our clients just roll back to 9.x and call it a day.  Be well!

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                                            Cedric48 Level 1

                                            My thanks to everyone for your comments.  And someone else has suggested that Adobe is so busy with security problems but they are not likely to look at this issue any time soon!


                                            I use Dragon for hobby type activities, rather than employment.  I mainly use v10.1 under Vista business, but also run it on XP home.  On both machines I have had success by just reverting to V9.4, though I now run Foxit instead of Adobe reader on the XP machine, and PDF Xchange reader on the Vista machine.  Both are quite satisfactory.


                                            I know others haven't found the solution to be so easy, but my suggestion for anyone encountering this problemi is to first try getting rid of Adobe reader and try a free alternative.  If that doesn't work, some of the comments above should be useful.

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                                              fdumortier Level 1

                                              Hello all!


                                              Like CRASH774 said, here is the solution:


                                              Install Adobe Reader X and disable the Protected Mode following the steps below:

                                              1. Open Adobe Reader X.

                                              2. From the "Edit" menu select "Preferences".

                                              3. Select "General" category on the list, uncheck/remove the tick mark for "Enable protected mode at startup".

                                              4. Adobe Reader's Protected Mode will be turned off.

                                              5. Exit Adobe Reader X.

                                              Finally try launching Adobe Reader X while Dragon is running and let me know if issue is solved.


                                              Kind regards,


                                              François Du Mortier

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                                                axepack Level 1

                                                Hi François, most of the posters in the converation above yours have tried that solution (as they wrote), and it does not work for the majority of them.  The only solution that will work 100% of the time is never installing Adobe Reader X. 

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                                                  fdumortier Level 1

                                                  Oh Sorry!


                                                  Other tip: try Nuance Pdf Reader. It works quite well.


                                                  Kind regards,


                                                  François Du Mortier

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                                                    Aidan Bell Level 1

                                                    I don't have I don't have "Adobe Reader" on my system at all, rather the full CS6 Master Suite, which includes "Adobe Acrobat X Pro". I've looked under preferences but cannot find any reference to Protected Mode, therefore cannot switch it off - if indeed that is what is causing the issue in my case. Please; does anyone now know of a fix for the Dragon problem with Acrobat Pro?

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                                                      Kshakti Adobe Employee

                                                      Hi everyone,


                                                      The problem cannot be observed for DNS 11.5 with Reader10.1.4

                                                      Please update to DNS 11.5 or later if not done yet , and update to the latest Reader version as well.

                                                      The issue should not occur then.



                                                      Shakti K

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                                                        FlashOfBlue01 Level 1

                                                        I just installed both DNS 11.5 and Adobe Reader 11.0.2 and started getting this error intermittently.