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    Help with linking drop down boxes when creating a form.


      I am trying to build a PDF form using Adobe LiveCycle ES. I am having one problem that I would like to address.


      On the form I have three drop down boxes. In the first box the user has three options 1, 2, 3. When the user selects one of these numbers I want the second drop down box to only offer certian selections based on the first. So say the user selects 1 in the first box then tabs over to the second drop down box and based on the first selection (1 ) the second box offers A, B, C. If the user had selected (2) then the second would offer D, E, F and say user selects (3) then the second box offers G, H, I. The user then tabs over to the final drop down box which is dependent on box two for the selections avalible in box 3. User selects (1)(B) third box offers ad, ae, af, ag, ah.


      This would be really awesome if someone could help me out. I have tried building an XML file then I tried in a blank new document going into the data view tab and right clicking and setting up a "new data connection" but I seem to be hitting a wall in my thought processes.