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    Help with Fit Text to Frame Scripting



      Am new to indesign (obviously).  OK, this is my issue hope you can help thanks....maybe a script !


      I  have a situation where I need to make up documents in 9 different  fonts.  So I 'find' the font and 'change' it as one step to the next  'font' - great it changes the font through the whole document.  BUT then  the font size is not correct for the space and I still have to go back  and highlight and change the font size to be appropriate.


      If  each text box was 'fit text to frame' then as I change the font for  whole document the font size would also change automatically to fit the  'frame' space.  Hope that makes sense - it is driving me crazy that I  cannot seem to do this 'fit text to frame' - any ideas!  My whole work  revolves around changing individual font sizes within each text frame - 9  different times for each new font and I just know there has got to be  an easier way !!!!!!  It's great that I can now change the entire  document's font but a pain that I still have to go back and adjust size.


      I saw a script at in-tools but don't think it is updated for CS5 ---


      Thanks everyone!