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    Dear Santa

      Dear "Santa" - aka Kuler dev team,

      1. Is it possible to create embedded links to our color schemes? I would very much like some way to display them (in the small version of course) on my blog. This would be great for showing family and friends my latest creations. Happy happy, joy, joy and lots of love.

      2. This second request may be a bit tricky to program, but here goes...

      Is there a way we can store unfinished projects in a separate folder, or does that get too complex? The way it is now the unpublished swatches sit on top of the published ones. Then they stack up. That messes up my coloring mojo. I get cranky. A dark cloud moves in. Then I feel fragile and eat too much. Wait, didn't mean to go off point like that... Sorry Santa. :-)

      I am hoping you and your elves can do something wildly magical. But I realise elves have limitations. And Santa would grant all wishes all the time if he could.

      It never hurts to ask.

      Affectionately yours.

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          I second both of these requests (Santa, baby).

          I think a lot of us have a whole set of unpublished sets we are tweaking until we feel happy with them (and maybe some we are just keeping for our own use) and it gets tremendously difficult to keep track in the clutter. A foldering system would be ideal to organize things within our own workspace, but even a publish/unpublished filter would help. The ability to sort and filter our own themes within the work space...ah, the dream.

          I'd love to see the equivalent of an author feed so that you could pull your own themes and those of others you follow. I don't find the Favorites and Popular feeds to be of that much use. Since there isn't really a time factor associated with them, the movement within the group in the top twenty is very minimal. If you are always pulling in the same group of themes it kind of defeats the purpose of a feed (imho).
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            Since this seems to be becoming a "wish list" of sorts, let me add my requests to the pile...

            1. I really enjoy the Featured Profile/Community section. Is there a way to allow all users to create a kuler-specific profile for others to see? I find myself appreciating certain designers' work, but I wish there were a way to see some of these color schemes "in action." An alternative would be to allow users to define a link where more of their works can be viewed online.

            2. I know this would require a great deal of time and ingenuity, but I would love to be able to browse "similar themes" based on the colors in addition to browsing by tags.

            3. A back button. (Pretty please?)

            4. I love the idea of having a feed based on designer. But to help the freshness of the Highest Rated and Popular feeds, perhaps having a time-sensitive version of those two would also be useful. For example, Highest Rated New and/or Popular New, based on themes published within the past 30 to 60 days.

            Well, that's my two cents... and if all my wishes come true, I'll probably NEVER log off of kuler. :)

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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Dear Cat, Caro, and Sheldon,

              Thanks for taking the time to write to us here at the North Pole. I hear you have all been very good kulerists and created lots of themes this year.

              I'm happy to say that you won't have to wait until December for deep linking to specific themes. Currently you can use the kuler desktop (or the kuler Dashboard widget): search for your themes, then click on the details button (the arrow on the kuler desktop) and at the top you'll see the URL/deeplink to that theme's detail page on kuler.

              About those author feeds, you can subscribe to designers using the kuler panel in Illustrator CS3 (not an upsell, just letting you know). Create a custom feed with the creator's kuler name. As a workaround, the kuler desktop lets you search by creator and gives results back in reverse chron order (nice Noel theme, Caro).

              As for your other requests to Santa, the reindeer and the elves are all busy and working hard on kuler and a few other projects. We do have a few things planned and are listening, so please keep the ideas (and the themes) coming!

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                Tek Mike
                I was hoping for a 'view random' button on the left. This would act much like the popular and highest rated buttons, but just show random color swatches people have created.
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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  Another vote for serendipity! Thanks for the post. :)
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                    Something I would like to see (unless Ive missed it somewhere) is a way to save/tag other peoples creations on the site to refer back to.

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                      DesignerLookingToLearn Level 1
                      I was wondering the same thing....pretty stupid you have to download a swatch instead of saving it in some sort of favorites folder. If there is this feature, it sure is difficult to find...i sure as hell can't. Pretty dumb
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                        Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                        Oops, just saw this post about saving favorite themes: Currently you can drag a theme thumbnail to the tray at the bottom (there is a tooltip if you mouse over it) and save it as a favorite (up to 7).
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                          Dear Santa,

                          Could we maybe have a little "comment counter" next to each design, that tells whether or not, and how many comments a design has? That would make things easier when searching for feedback on our ideas, without having to click on each one to see if people responded to it.

                          *leaves milk and cookies*
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                            Originally posted by: armaxx
                            Dear Santa,

                            Could we maybe have a little "comment counter" next to each design, that tells whether or not, and how many comments a design has? That would make things easier when searching for feedback on our ideas, without having to click on each one to see if people responded to it.

                            Seeing the bickering that has occured on a lot of themes, I would eliminate comments all together. Or maybe make it an option the user can turn on and off.

                            Keep the socializing in the forums I say.

                            I also think that copyrighting tags is going a bit far (I really should not complain because I have some good ones). Is a new user supposed to go through each and every theme to make sure a tag has not been used? Or have to search for every tag he/she comes up with to see if it has been used?

                            Heck, is an existing user supposed to go through tags to make sure it has not been used? I don't know about you guys, but I don't have time for that. Besides how can someone own a tag like "80s" or "vintage" etc etc.

                            Come on that is ridiculous, again, I am not complaining for me because I already have a lot of good ones, it is the new folks I speak of - especially those young kids that are students. how disappointing is it to have a seasoned designer ram down their throat because of a tag? Instead of being mentors they are being abusive, and will maybe stray them away from their love art.

                            How many of the same works of art do we see come up when we search for keywords in google?

                            If you keep the tag copyright you are limiting art that will be created because you are disrupting the creative flow. How disappointing is it to a user to come up with a color theme completely different than someone else's but means the same, and you cannot use it because it does...

                            Art IS about meaning the same but looking different.

                            Example: The autmun07 drive. They all have the autumn07 tag but look differently. Does that mean that all of those users own the autumn07 copyright? Does not make sense to me.

                            Ok Santa enjoy your day, and you know me - I am passionate, blunt and to the point, but I mean no disrespect. :)
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                              I think the "Popular" and "Highest Rated" time limit is a great idea. Us newbs will never be able to catch up to people that have been on here for like 7 months.
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                                Srta._Pinta Level 1

                                Originally posted by: Nightshift Creative
                                I think the "Popular" and "Highest Rated" time limit is a great idea. Us newbs will never be able to catch up to people that have been on here for like 7 months.

                                I didn't see that request. I agree it is only fair to the new kids.

                                No one gives 4 stars anymore either. I think they were too easy to throw out 4 stars for themes in the beginning. I also think ratings are not fair. Do not depend too much on them, and if you are new do not let it disappoint you if you get low ratings or none at all. I have seen themes from users that were clearly 3-4 star status and were never rated at all.
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                                  CristinaSolana Level 1
                                  I totally noticed. I am trying to go to Newest once a day and rate everything whether I think it is good or sucks (IMO). I've given a lot of 4's and even some 5's. I know what you mean about not trusting the ratings. It would be nice if artists were straight honest about their opinions instead of just worrying that giving someone a good ranking would give them less of a chance of getting on the Higest Ranked and Popular list.
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                                    Srta._Pinta Level 1

                                    I totally noticed. I am trying to go to Newest once a day and rate everything whether I think it is good or sucks (IMO). I've given a lot of 4's and even some 5's.

                                    lol don't do that it is not fair.

                                    You know I have had older swatches running with 3 stars for as long as I can remember and recently those same two pages, 2 pages back to back are running with 2 stars. They need a moderator in there.

                                    Maybe running highest ranked per month, every month starting fresh. That seems fair to the new people.

                                    Plus it will keep the home page fresh, even kuler that people create swatches with the seasons and holidays, the site will always automatically be "with the times". ;)
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                                      CristinaSolana Level 1
                                      No, maybe you misunderstood. I am being totally fair. I have given plenty of 1,2,3's but I have also given plenty of 4's and some 5's. Not as many 5's, but it is all relative really. My opinion of what theme is hot, may not be yours, but your opinion is just as good as mine. There is a lot of great stuff on her and some stuff that it looks like people are just spinning the color wheel on. I am trying to rate everything that I have not rated in the "Newest" section. I also checked out some artist like wiebe and some others and rated all their stuff. It will take me about 10 yrs to get through all your stuff, but I will rate as much as I can. ;)
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                                        Srta._Pinta Level 1
                                        Yes I misunderstood. I thought you meant just vote randomly. I get you now.... You are voting as much as you can even if in your opinion they rank one star.

                                        Will you do my algebra homework so I can have time to vote more?
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                                          CristinaSolana Level 1
                                          LOL! I will do your Algebra if you will do my Philosophy homework. This guy gives us like 10 essay questions every week. SHEESH! What a drag! I am sure the voting novelty will wear off. I already got pissed off and unpublished all my themes for now.

                                          SAM-ta, I do not need the Unpublish button anymore. I figured out how to do it with the save button. I think you have more pressing issues like the Duplicate button and others mentioned under the Features Request Topic.
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                                            CristinaSolana Level 1
                                            Another request: SET AS AVATAR for themes.
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                                              Changable avatar: Yes
                                              Back button: Please
                                              Undo: Sure
                                              Other ideas: Some sort of profile/dashboard page with features like notifications of themes that have new comments and a sharable gallery of favorite themes. The top rated and most popular pages have great work but are fairly static, and people have different color tastes. A personal favorites page would let kulerists curate and share their own favorites--their own work or by others--that would often get lost in the big heap of themes.
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                                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                                Hello, we are working on a new release with some new functionality in store... Definitely agree about making the lists more dynamic... :)