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    shuttle Pro V2 and Time Remapping

    Jgerard1 Level 1

      hi all, I have Premiere Pro CS 5 and I just got the Shuttle Pro V2. I like it a lot. I see how easy it is to slow-mo and scan through the timeline. I use Time Remapping a lot. In scanning the timeline it would be so much easier if I could just record the jog sequences I perform for a set period of time until I hit a stop button. and then have a new or edited clip in clow-mo. This would be a ton, I say a ton easier to create a slow-mo sequence than adding keyframes and then adjusting the speed between keyframs and then editing the keyframes when I wand to slow-mo backwards, etc. If anyone has used the Shuttle you know what I am talking about.Is there anyway to perform this function? Or is there an add-on plugin or another program that could do this.I want to basically record what is happening in the timeline when I use the shuttle dials and then create a new clip out of it. At the very least is there a shortcut to add a keyframe? I tried CTRL + mouse Click but that does not work in the Time Remapping feature unless you are moused over the right spot in the time line. I wanted to at least make a short cut key on my shuttle to add the keyfrasmes so the function of Time Remapping is a little easier. Sorry for any mis spelling. I am using my Ipad to write this note and there is no cursor so I can not see where I am to go back to correct anything. If and of the forum moderators are reading this would you fix this issue, please.  John Gerard

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          In a word, "no".


          There is no facility within PP CS5 or Shuttle Pro to record macros of on-screen actions and convert them into edited clips.


          The shuttle is a fantastic tool to whizz through and review footage, add in/out points, adjust the work bar etc, and I agree that it would be great if it could be programmed to drop in a keyframe.  However, that is a limitation of PP CS5, not the Shuttle.


          I also have looked at a way to customize PP CS5 keyboard shortcuts to inset a keyframe either in the Effects Control Panel or timeline, but understand this is not possible.


          Maybe we shoud both submit a feature request.



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            Jgerard1 Level 1

            Hi, I just sent a feature request using the link you provided. I hope my feature is included in the ned relese or update. for what I do Tennis Analysis videos. I use a lot of slow-mo where I need to slow-mo at a lot of diffent speeds with in a single clip. the current way to perform slow-mo is just to cumbersome. Using the Shuttle could really simply things.  John Gerard