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    Need Help Building a PC


      Hello everybody,


      I am new here, and stumbled upon the photoshop hardware forum while looking for resources to build a PC. I am planning to build a pc for photoediting. A little information first. I am a full time student and part time photographer, I wouldn't say I am an amateur but do not shoot for money (due to lack of time). I intend to use it for purely image processing and may be a little light gaming (apart from the usual word processing, surfing etc). This will also be the PC the wife and I will be using for our school work. I intend to hook this up to a 22 inch monitor and a smaller probably 15/17 inch monitor as well so I can have all my pallettes on one monitor while i am working on the images.


      I intend to run CS5 Extended (Which i can pick up at the Univ Book store) and Photomatix on this (along with Topaz Denoise, Imagenomic Noiseware and Lucis Pro Plugins for PS). This is going to a budget PC as the only source of income me and the wife currently have is our funding (touchwood). I read the guide posted here about building a PC and even the budget PC in there is way over my budget.


      What is the least amount of money I can spend that can run CS5 extended reasonably fast (it doesn't have to be super zippy, but at the same time I don't want to wait 3-4 minutes to run Denoise).


      I was thinking about going for the i5 760. Although the AMD Quad and Hex Cores are extremely tempting for the price although I don't understand processors enought to know the merits or demerits of one over the other.


      I already have Win 7 32bit but I could easily get the 64 bit (costs me $11, bless the university). Are there any advantages for choosing 64bit computing over 32 bit?


      Appreciate the help.


      Thanks !