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    cfgrid checkbox column does not display bgcolor

    sheila2 Level 1

      I am running CF9 in Firefox and have a page with an editable grid. I have different background colors for certain groups of columns.

      When I define a column as follows:


      <cfgridcolumn name="HidePrice"  display="true"  header="Hide Price"    width="40" select="yes"  bgColor="##E7F3F1" type="boolean" />      

      it shows as a checkbox but the background color does not show. This same bg color does show in adjacent columns. That's my first problem.


      In addition, I have applied some styles to the extJS cells using stuff like this:


      .x-grid3-col-8  {height:42px;}
      .x-grid3-col-9  {text-align:right;height:42px;}
      .x-grid3-col-10 {text-align:center;height:42px;}
      .x-grid3-col-11 {text-align:right;height:42px;}

      This worked fine before I added the checkbox, but the checkbox field (in this case it's field .x-grid3-col-10) throws off the column count and the subsequent styles affect the wrong columns. As if the checkbox was not a full-fledged grid column.


      Anybody have an inkling what's happening?