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    An old issue however the Help support section is wrong for mac.

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      This page:



      Specifically: "8. (Mac OS) Double-click the .dmg file that you downloaded. On the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Content disk image, open the Encore Functional Content folder. Double-click Setup. " 


      This statement has no follow up unless you expect a mac to open a .exe file and to follow the Windows directions. 


      In addition there is no Encore Functional Content Folder. Here are a few images proving what I am explaining: 


      Here is an image of the solution next to the exact folder it asks you to open http://i.imgur.com/EK7Vs.png


      And here is the view of inside the adobe encore cs5 folder that is in this .dmg http://i.imgur.com/7p3h3.png


      As you can see in these images there is no folder labeled "Encore Functional Content Folder"


      This is my second time downloading Adobe Premier Pro CS5 and each time it has not had the Items that I need. 


      The specific items requested are: Title>New Title> Based on Template (and when it opens PPCS5 has no Templates).


      As I've listed above the solution does not work and among other things it is vague with no follow up steps. The Download does not contain the folder it lists and furthermore the solutions, in this forum and online, are unsatisfactory for osx users. 


      What I hope to accomplish is that you either edit the help area or explain to me why it isn't as easy as a one sentence step on the help area? If we are all having so much difficulty with this problem, and there are others, why is it this way and why have you not fixed it yet? 



      I have tried to be as thorough as possible in explaining all of my problems and I will add some additional information to the query: System Specifications: OSX Vers. 10.6.6, Desired result: Title Designer Presets in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.


      I have obtained the default templates however they will not install all at once they are required to import individually which is both time consuming and counterproductive. 


      Thank you for your time.


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