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    Merging 2 AIR applications


      I'm still very new to flex and am still learning so please bare with me here the answer to my question seems a little obvious 


      I have two very basic, single window AIR games which I've made and are working fine separately but now I want to merge them into one.  By that I mean when a certain event is triggered in the main app, it will open the second app in the same window (as a "bonus" game), when done, send the acquired points back to the main app to be added to the players score.  Then hide the app and make the main app visible again. 


      In case that was a little confusing, I'll try it in steps.


      1)  Open the secondary app in the same window.  (Hide the main app) 

      2)  Allow the user to interact with the secondary app

      3)  Send data to the main app

      3)  Switch back to the main app when done


      My question is, what is the best way to do this - throw all the code together as a single mxml?  Or use states? Or is there a way to leave them as separate applications and just open it from a call in the main app code?