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    Errors in Batch Process procedure


      I've been converting some .WAV files to .MP3 using the beta Batch Processing function. Using groups of five or six files dragged into the Batch Process window, I've tried to batch convert them to 192K .MP3. The results are inconsistent, and pretty bad. Some of the resulting .MP3 files are cut off midway through the files, some are reduced in level, some are raised in level in some spots in a file. Various errors, but few files seem to make it through the process with only the intended change of format.


      I went back and tried this with groups of one or two files. With one file, avoiding the Batch Process entirely, the results are as expected. But anything that goes through the Batch Process seems to have errors. The trouble with this particular issue is that the process completes without an error indication, so each resulting file must be loaded and the waveform checked, which helps to defeat the Batch Processing anyway.


      I searched the forum on this issue and did not find any similar results. I also checked for updates and the checker indicated my beta version is current.  Is this a known issue? I could send a couple of the errored files.....




      --Jim Sphar

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi Jim,


          Yes, please attach one or more of the affected files to a post here, or send them to audbugs@adobe.com.  We haven't received any other reports of this sort of problem, and I can't find any bugs written internally reporting this issue.


          If you convert a file normally, and use Batch Processing to convert the same file to the same parameters, you hear/see the difference?  If you can try this and send each of those output files to us, as well as a screenshot of the Batch Processing dialog just before you begin the conversion process, it might help us to determine what's happening or better reproduce this in our lab.  Also, does the length of the file seem to have any effect on the results?

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            jsphar10 Level 1

            Sorry, _durin_, I overwrote the errored files before you replied. Now, and after repeated attempts to recreate the problem I described, I've been unable to show this behavior. Still have no idea why the problem would exhibit on three folders of .mp3 batch files and then never again.


            --Jim Sphar