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    Premiere Elements 9 for Mac is dropping the ball...


      I was a bit disappointed after shelling out the money for the new Mac version of Premiere Elements (9.0) only to find out that it did not provide Green screen and chromakey features in its editing suite as did its PC predecessor in version 8.  Never mind, I resolved, the Videomerge feature does a passable job of greenscreening so I soldiered.


      Comes the next round of disappointments--this time being that a project of 2 minutes 43 seconds with two video tracks -- one background and one greenscreened "action"--and one title track on the third video level--does not export or "share" into any of the available video formats available when it comes time to compile my project into a finished clip.


      Instead of getting the same cropped and 3D'd background video images that appear on the editing screen on my Mac, my finished clips end up with skewed crop edges that bear no resemblance to the edit screen.  Needless to say, that makes a total waste of all the fine tuning I did in the video editing dept. using all of the promising (but not, apparently, delivering) features like 3D Basic and Crop and Videomerge to make a truly professional looking finished product.


      After spending the better part of the day trying to sort it out, I notice from a quick browser search that Adobe has just issued a patch or fix for "stability" and other "bug fixes" that were apparently not figured out in time to prevent the product from being released in its then imperfect form.


      I am using a brand new iMac and memory is not my issue (at least, not according to the specs I checked before plunking down my money back when the product was released.


      Anyone have any constructive suggestions on how to overcome the apparent lost-in-translation problem that afflicts my finished video somewhere between my WYSIWYG edit screen and the final playback clip.