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    Need to transfer a book


      I have a Mongolian friend in Mongolia who needs an ebook for a thesis he is writing. He doesn't have a credit card, so asked me to buy the ebook and email it to him. I'm new to Digital Editions and had no idea how it worked. I bought the book and have found that it is in a pdf format with copyright protection such that I cannot send it to him and he needs it ASAP. I have no interest in the book, but purchased it only to help him out. Is there any way I can transfer it to him? Really soon! Thanks.

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          Unfortunately, you've answered your own question.  You can't transfer the

          book via ADE.  That's the way the publisher set it up.  And this is a

          fundamental difference between books in print and ebooks.  I know: 'camel

          dung'!  But that's the way it is.


          You could try to manipulate the file with your computer's software:  In

          Windows, you can use Windows Explorer to copy the file to another location

          .  Then, try to open it with Adobe Reader.  If

          that works, then transfer that file by email (or whatever) to your friend in

          Mongolia.  If it doesn't, then you're still stuck in the 'camel dung'.


          Hope this helps!


          Tom Bell (Frustrated in AZ)