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    Are there no alerts for responses?


      Hi -


      I hav ecreated a test account, designed a form I am happy with and tested it - and everything works very well.


      However, is tehre any way to alert me or other people when a response comes in? I can't find anywhere that alows me to set an email address or similar to send alerst to, when responses are received. Surely if forms are on websites etc, there should be an alert capability so that we know when a form has been filled out and submitted by a user?


      Please help.


      Is it because I am only on teh trial acocunt or something, or am I being a little short-sighted in not seeing where I can add alerts etc?


      Thanks and Regards,



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          Hi Dom,


          Currently we don't support the ability to set alerts or notifications.  In your use-case would you prefer to receive an email every time there is a submission?  Would you prefer the responses be included in the email?   What do you think about a text message to your cell phone letting you know of a new submission?  How about a weekly report summarizing the responses - is that useful?  May I ask what kind of forms are you creating that require notifications?




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            whitegoldsyd Level 1

            Varun -


            Thanks so much for your response.


            We frequently have people complete forms for evaluating products that we offer as an IT distributor. If we are to have these on our website for people to complete (or indeed any other forms such as event registrations, subscriptions to newsletters, etc etc) then we would really need to know the instant there are completed/submitted forms in order to be responsive and show a good level of customer service.


            If someone completes a form to request an evaluation, then they expect a response at least the same day, but in reality usually within an hour or so, in order for them to know that the product is available for evaluation and due to be sent to them as soon as possible. We live and die by our level of customer service and support (or rather the "Customer Experience") we provide our end users and resellers with - so it becomes very important for all our systems etc to be as automated as possible.



            Another great example would be a Reseller Agreement Form - whereby a reseller can complete an application to become one of our reseller channel and in some cases also apply for credit. If we are not very responsive to these forms coming in then we can potentially lose the business to our competition.


            I do hope this all makes sense? I think adding the capability for alerts, for most people would be critical.


            The simple ability to have each form that is submitted emailed to a chosen email address, as it is submitted, would be fantastic. And yes, if the responses were included in the email - all the better!


            Is this something that could be easily added to FormsCentral? If it is, we will use FormsCentral extensively.


            Thanks and Regards,



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              VarunParmar Level 1

              Hi Dominic,


              All of your feedback makes complete sense!  Thanks for the examples and detailed explanation.  While I can't commit to a date for this feature I can tell you we'll prioritize this on our roadmap.  In the meantime I hope you can start to use FormsCentral and like its easy-to-use and intuitive authoring and powerful data analysis feature set. 




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                I wanted to add my vote for an email notifications feature.  This is a *must*, in my opinion.  The service won't do me much good if I don't know when someone has submitted a form response.  Receiving an email notification of a response is much easier than having to check in with FormsCentral several times a day.




                Kristin Zeller

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                  Yes it is also a must for us... ALerts in emails..



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                    I really enjoy the automatic alerts that are available through "Adobe tracker". I like I can have the icon on my toolbar and the visual notification when you have a new response. The down fall of Adobe tracker that responses are sometimes lost. Could that be a possibilite of Adobe Forms?  Some kind of alert on your toolbar?? I I really like the "real time" application of Adobe Forms. I love this product!

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                      Want to throw my weight around... This is immensely helpful as I want to use this as a way for departments to submit project requests. But dont want to have to keep logging in everyday to see if it works.


                      I hope you guys add this feature as well as document uploading, which would allow people to submit a written request which would cut down on the number of fields in the form.


                      Thanks in advance,


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                        RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                        Its not you, its us. Alerts is something we currently don't support. This is probably the top requested feature from our users. We hope to do something in this area soon. Can you provide me details on what you would like to see in the alert? Would you like to get them real time as the form is filled out or in a summary fashion each day/week. What information would you want in the alert email?



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                          whitegoldsyd Level 1

                          Hi -


                          I actually answered this a while back, but basically real-time would be great - with basic information on Name, Email address etc but most importantly which form has been filled out. That's it! It really shouldn't be that hard to trigger an email notification to a pre-designated email address each time a form is completed should it?


                          Thanks for the email.





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                            VILLEEDM Level 1

                            Real time would be great.




                            Louise Duguay-Lepage

                            IT - Edmundston

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                              kasparshott Level 1


                              I would love to see an alert in real time much like Adobe tracker. Adobe tracker's alert is on my toolbar, and flashes whenever there is a form response received. I would love to see that feature in Adobe Forms.

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                                Hi Guys,


                                Any update on this feature? I am using Adobe forms within my organization and am in desperate need of some form of notification / alert. Do you see this being implemented anytime soon?





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                                  RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                                  Thanks for being patiet. We are actively developing the feature.We hope to have it out in the Aug-Sept timeframe.



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                                    RandySwineford Adobe Employee


                                    Sorry for the long wait everyone - FormsCentral now supports email notifications. You or anyone the form file is shared with has the option to receive an email notification whenever a respondent fills out and submits a form. Optionally the email notification can include a summary of the response data.




                                    The feature is available to Basic and Plus users. The notification option can be found on the “Distribute” tab.



                                    Please try it out and give us your feedback.




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                                      kasparshott Level 1

                                      THANK YOU! This feature is REALLY appreciated!