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    Canon 5D vs Sony HDR200 Cam


      My dear friends I wanna share some experience with you all here

      Couple month ago I stated a topic regarding Canon 7D vs Sony HD camera


      Many people agreed that Canon 7D will beat most of the sony camcorders


      Last week a friend of mine brought his Canon 5D to record an outdoor shoot

      I believe it shoots 1080p, , btw my friend has been in this business since last 10 years, so he knows what he does


      long story short, we captured the footage and put it along with the footage that I shot using anHDR200 HD sony on the timeline , I noticed a huge different between the 2 footage


      The fooatge that were shot by Sony HDR200 is so crisp and clear, the footage using Canon 5D is not all that, thank God I didn't buy the Canon 7D or 5D .



      Comments please !