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    Why does my project not stay rendered ?


      Hi, things are generally going swimmingly.


      However, after rendering for smooth play of titles and fx and then closing, upon opening the project again, the render is gone and I must render again.  Is this the norm?  Why don't those areas stay rendered.  I understand that if I change a title or transition, it will be necessary to render.  It's just annoying to have to render each time I open the project.


      Also, I get occasional messages that there is a major problem and Adobe has to close.  Which it does.



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          nealeh Level 5

          There are several discussions about the disappearing rendering problem. I don't believe that anyone has yet provided a definitive reason and cure.


          As for your general problems work through these basics:

          • Install all Windows Updates.

          • Install latest version of Apple QuickTime (v7.6.9 at time of writing). Even if you don't use QuickTime, PRE relies heavily on it.

          • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites.
          • Install PRE9 v9.0.1 update.
          • Delete BadDrivers.txt (in Windows 7 this is likely at C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Premiere Elements\9.0\BadDrivers.txt)
          • Run Disk Cleanup.
          • Run Defragmenter.
          • Reboot your PC.
          • Temporarily disable any anti-virus realtime scanning.


          And give us some information about your clips and hardware:



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            toutmeister Level 1

            Thanks.  I guess I can live with having to render each time I open the project. Annoying, but liveable.


            If you would, could you solve this problem:  How does one insert black before or after a project, as well as for use as background for a title?


            It should be simple, but I haven't found any clues to how it is done.  Thank you for the help.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              You are correct that the Rendering should "stick," no matter how many times you Close/Open the Project, or reboot the computer. Still, some users report issues with the Renders sticking.


              For starters, the Renders are basically "proxy files," that PrE (or PrPro) uses for smoothest playback. These files are linked to in the Project file, the PREL in PrE, or the PRPROJ file, in PrPro. Sometimes, those links can be broken, and for various reasons. Usuallly, if the link is broken, the program will ask "Where is Render file _____.AVI?" though not always. In most of the cases of "missing" Render files, no dialog screen appears.


              Some of the elements that can contribute to the missing Renders are:


              1. External HDD's used for the Scratch Disks
              2. Networked drives used for the Scratch Disks
              3. Some totally unknown problem


              The first two are usually obvious, when the question, "where are your Scratch Disk files located?" but for the third, its a mystery, and fortunately only affects a few users. If there is no issue with #'s 1, or 2, then it's a case of # 3. Do #'s 1, or 2, apply in your case?


              If it's any consolation, it seems that # 3 also happens with PrPro CS4 and CS5, and even Adobe does not have a cause, or fix. From following these issues, when # 3 hits, there seems to be nothing in common, between the Projects of those, who are "bitten." Each case seems different, and many of those users only have it with a single Project. The next half-dozen will stay Rendered. So far, it's been impossible to track this down, or even identify a Project, where it is likely to happen.


              Sorry that I do not have more to offer, other than to say, either Re-render, or if it's not really necessary, let it go. I have many Projects, where playback is adequate, and I do not bother to Render, while I have others, especially with a lot of Keyframed animation, where I might Render a section dozens of times, while I adjust things.


              For some more background on Rendering, see this ARTICLE.


              Good luck,