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    Continue playing transisition from state1 to state2 after being in state3.


      OK, I don´t know entirely how to explain this, but I´l give it a shot.


      I am making an animation with a video. The first thing you will see is a playbutton. When you push it the video starts, and you transit from state1 to state2. Since I have downloaded Panini I have the ability to make buttons show long after the video has startet. The intention is that buttons are showing up at certain timecodes in the film.


      When a button comes up, you can push it, the video stops and you transit to state3, where the text is. When you have finished reading you are suppose to hit the "x" and the video starts playing again.


      This I have managed to do. But the buttons who are suppose to show up, doesn´t. Because now i am transiting from state3 to state2.


      Anyone understanding my problem and how to solve it?