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    Problem with pagination in link and import Word Document with RH8




      I'm here to see if other people have the same problems.


      When i link a word document (*.docx or *.doc) in a RH8 project, i see some trouble with pagination.


      I have list in my word document so i tick the Convert Word List in HTML or Robohelp List in the conversion parameters.

      I also tick pagination for heading 1 / 2 / 3 styles.


      The problem i found is when you have the tick the list conversion the pagination is not done.


      For example :


      I have a UserManual.docx document. I link this document, Tick the List conversion box and pagination box for 3 levels.


      Launch generate...


      I have only 3 topic call UserManual, UserManual and UserManual for one i have the first heading 1 title only, the second i have the first heading 2 only and in the last i have the whole document...


      If i do the same process without the List conversion i obtain dozens of topics corresponding to my heading 1, 2 and 3...


      and its seems to be the same when i import document.


      Thanks for help.

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          In general, a list should appear in entirety. In other words, a list should appear all at one place and should not be splitted. Based upon the same concent, RoboHelp does not allow pagination between a list. As soon as list in word document is marked for conversion to list in Robhelp, pagination between the list is disabled and the document is not split in between the list.

          However, when the list conversion is turned off in RoboHelp, the list is treated as normal text and pagination is allowed in between the list.


          I hope this helps.