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    [JS][CS5] resize document

    Roy Marshall Level 1



      Part of a script I am writing resized the active doc to the width and height of the selected frame. However, I cannot seem to get InDesign to reduce the page size to anything leaas that 20.5mm.  There are no guides set, there is nothing on the master page either.

      If I manually change the page size, to the sam measurements it is all OK.


      myWidth = mySelection[0].geometricBounds[3] - mySelection[0].geometricBounds[1];
      myHeight = mySelection[0].geometricBounds[2] - mySelection[0].geometricBounds[0];
      myDoc.documentPreferences.pageWidth = myWidth;
      myDoc.documentPreferences.pageHeight = myHeight;


      the error is :

      Error, data is out of range.


      I know I must be doing something bumb, so please tell me!!



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          Harbs. Level 6

          Set the margins to 0



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            Roy Marshall Level 1

            Thanks Harbs, but I already set them all to 0. The weird thing is I 

            can change the size in InDesign itself to the value needed without any 


            I have also changed the margins on the master pages too

            Thanks for the suggestion though.



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              Hi Roy,


              I'm having the same problem.  Have you found any solution?  I've been searching the internet and the INDD scripting guides I have and can't find anything.  Hoping you've had luck!




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                Roy Marshall Level 1

                Hi Lindsay.


                I managed to get around to getting this sussed.  I think I have it. 

                It is all to do with the application margin preferences, and the document margin preferences.


                My code below does work, and resets the application margins back too which is useful:


                myOldTop = app.marginPreferences.top;
                myOldLeft = app.marginPreferences.left;
                myOldRight = app.marginPreferences.right;
                myOldBottom = app.marginPreferences.bottom;
                app.marginPreferences.left = 0;
                app.marginPreferences.right = 0;
                app.marginPreferences.top = 0;
                app.marginPreferences.bottom = 0;
                myDoc.marginPreferences.left = 0;
                myDoc.marginPreferences.right = 0;
                myDoc.marginPreferences.top = 0;
                myDoc.marginPreferences.bottom = 0;
                myPage = myDoc.pages[0];
                myPage.marginPreferences.left = 0;
                myPage.marginPreferences.right = 0;
                myPage.marginPreferences.top = 0;
                myPage.marginPreferences.bottom = 0;
                     myMasterSpread = myMasterSpreads[i];
                     for(x = 0;x<=myMasterSpread.pages.length-1;x++){
                          myMasterSpread.pages[x].marginPreferences.right = 0;
                          myMasterSpread.pages[x].marginPreferences.left = 0;
                          myMasterSpread.pages[x].marginPreferences.top = 0;
                          myMasterSpread.pages[x].marginPreferences.bottom = 0;
                //do the stuff you need to do
                app.marginPreferences.left = myOldLeft;
                app.marginPreferences.right = myOldRight;
                app.marginPreferences.top = myOldTop;
                app.marginPreferences.bottom = myOldBottom;


                All the master spreads margins are changed to 0, the document preferences are changed to 0, and the application preferences are changed to 0.  It looks like all these need to be 0 before you can make the small page size.

                Obviously I have left out the error controls, the actual resizing bit, but this chunk above manages to sort out the page being resized to a small size.


                Let me know if this helps you.



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                  Roy Marshall Level 1

                  also, and I haven't tested this, but I suspect that the application preferences dont need to be changed, just the page, masterpages and document preferences.

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                    booyajamo Level 1

                    Hi Roy,


                    Thanks for the response!  Did you see my post here http://forums.adobe.com/thread/892458?tstart=0


                    There are some great solutions there as well.


                    Thanks again!


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                      Roy Marshall Level 1

                      Ah yes.  The same problem tackled in a slightly different way.  Did you get the answer you were looking for? Were you able to sort out your script?





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                        Sergey Anosov Level 1

                        Hi Roy!

                        Sometimes I need to change document page size according to selection size. Let me offer a script for this case:



                        Best wishes,


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                          Roy Marshall Level 1

                          Hi Sergey.


                          Took a look at your site.  Most impressive!  The script I created does what I want, yours is a lot deeper than I needed, but will bear it in mind.


                          I have taken your crop mark script though, I have a basic version, but your is way better!





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                            Sergey Anosov Level 1

                            Okay! You are welcome!