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    I can't instal Adobe Reader


      I can't instal Adobe Reader, during installation apear an error message saying " No se puede abrir la clave HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Interface\{46B 89F5A-769D-4792-AD9A-E37559-15CBC3}\ProxyStubClsid.

      Comprueve que dispone de suficientes derechos de acceso a esa clave o pongase en contacto con el personal de soporte tecnico."

      Translation: Can't open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Interface\{46B 89F5A-769D-4792-AD9A-E37559-15CBC3}\ProxyStubClsid

      Verify that you have the permission to enter in this key or contact with the tecnical support

      I already pass various reg cleaners, I try with regassasin, I try to change permissions but I can't solve the problem, I can't delete the key too.

      Someone can help me?

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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Try to install Adobe Reader with a New User Account (Admin Rights)


          Which OS do you have and which language in Adobe Reader you are trying to install




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            faderfa Level 1


            in the previous post I leave out that everything starts with the automatic update.

            The update of Adobe Acrobat didn't finalize and leave me a message like before I reported. Then I tried to uninstall AR 9 and the process still finalized with error but now, maybe I could solve the problem...I uninstall the program with Revo uninstaller and download the new release of Adobe Reader 10, that maybe do not use the registry key corrupted like the update of AR 9 did.

            So, I still have the problem in the registry probably but I could install Adobe Reader.

            I think I can leave the key in the registry without any problem, I hope it doesn't affect any program or application.

            Thank you anyway

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              VikramGaur Adobe Employee



              Great good to know Adobe Reader 10 is installed finally


              Maybe a registry file which got corrupted not letting you installed Adobe Reader 9