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    Reader X update 10.0.1 breaks Protected Mode


      The business networks I maintain use roaming profiles and redirected AppData, Documents, etc. There have been issues on and off ever since Adobe Reader 9 came out. For example, sometimes Reader 9 would open great and then an update comes out that would break it. I really liked Protected Mode in Reader X and was happy to see there won't any issues with it opening on the business computers. However, the 10.0.1 update breaks Protected Mode since a popup appears saying my config is unsupported. Now I am back to where I was having to disable certain features to make your product work. I have tested this extensively and confirmed the 10.0.1 update is the culprit. If for some reason you still don't officially support roaming profiles after all of these years then atleast fix whatever broke Protected Mode in the 10.0.1 update. I have been dealing with problems with Reader for years and I just want your product to work.


      My question is are you aware of the issues with roaming profiles and do you plan on fixing these issues. I know I am not alone in this because I have seen plenty of other posts describing problems with Reader crashing in business networks.