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    CS5 — Clicking Problem


      I don't see that anyone else has reported this problem... When I want to use a tool, whether it be text, shape, crop, etc., when I click to use the tool, nothing happens—most of the time.  Sometimes it will work right away, sometimes it will work after a moment, sometimes it will work after a while, sometimes I save the file and restart.


      Is there a known bug or am I experiencing a memory issue, perhaps?  I'm running 10.6.6 on a 2x3GHz Dual with 5GB RAM.

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          I had (and solved) the exact same problem. I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.6 and clicks just won't register. The layers pane works just fine, and I can select multiple elements.


          The problem for me seems to have been having Spotify running at the same time as Fireworks. For some reason Spotify interferes with Fireworks causing this strange behavior. They have released a preview update in which this seems to have been fixed.

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            incubox Level 1



            I don't have Spotify, so maybe there's some other app I have running that is

            causing a conflict.  When you say "they have released a preview update" are

            you referring to Adobe (Fireworks) or Spotify?


            Thanks for posting.