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    show stage and start playing sooner before loaded

    DaveGallant Level 1

      I am making a flash game - right now, the swf is 3 megs in size and will probably be much bigger by the time it's done.


      I have preloader code on frame 1 to show a progress bar and animation  that waits for the entire movie to load.


      However, the website doesn't display the SWF until it's almost completely loaded so by the time you actually see the progress bar, it's at 75% or so.

      The preloader doesn't have any sound or graphics, just a progress bar and text field.


      Is there a way I can force th webpage to show the flash swf and start playing it as soon as frame 1 is loaded instead of waiting for the entire thing?




      I tried to create an external movie loader, but that causes problems with all the code that I have written so far, plus I think there is a requirement that I can't do that as I need to only have the 1 swf file, and 2 would be a no-no.