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    Binding with a RichEditableText control

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got a RichEditableText control that I want to bind to an HTML string (or, I can reformat the string to use other markup if necessary).  That string is stored in a database on the server.  It's delivered to the Flex app via JSON.


      So, once I've got that string I can bind it to the RichEditableText.text control, and if the source string is changed (e.g., I reload it from the server, and it has a new value), it will be updated.


      The problem is, if I bind to RichEditableText.text, it just displays HTML tags, rather than rendering them as a browser would--e.g., <b>bold</b> instead of bold.


      Is there a way I can setup binding so that my HTML will get rendered the way a browser would?  It's only a few simple tags--paragraph tags, bold tags, etc.


      I can rewrite the HTML to be in another format if RichEditableText wants another format.  This string is only used by the Flex app.