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    Two hard drives and scratch disks: best configuration.


      I have two hard disks installed inside my PC: one partitioned (C and F) and the other G (7200 rpm and not partitioned).
      Operating system runs atop C as well as all the apps. F is a data collector as well as G itself.
      Which is the best configuration wrt scratch disks setting up? I'd like to speedup and to improve stability and reliability of the video editing process as much as possible.
      Many thanks in advance for any kind reply!



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          Ted Smith Level 3

          I find the best is to have the PE9 program stuff installed on C

          Have a second drive for the video clips

          Much better still have a third drive to store all the project stuff and caches.(Well worth the extra $ and much cheaper than buying a faster computer)


          On an old 2.4g 2core machine with 4mb ram this runs very nicely in full HD. You still have to render the small area on either side of complicated transitions if you want smooth preview of the transition. Also keep the preview window as small as possible when running.


          When I had it on one drive it was very slow and would pause for 10 seconds without warning. Now it previews perfectly.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Ted.


            This ARTICLE will give you some tips on setting up the I/O sub-system for video editing.


            This ARTICLE gives a bit more info on the I/O sub-system.


            This ARTICLE will provide a little background on partitons. One exception with partitions is the common practice of some computer builders to create a small partition on the system HDD, just for the OS backup and image file for the programs. Many builders choose this route, over providing an OS recovery disc.


            Good luck,



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              Cicciopanzer Level 1

              Ted, Bill

              thank you so much for your kind replies!

              I know that another physical disk is appreciated but I must use two disks only.

              Bearing in mind C, F, G (as described above), how do you suggest to map scratch disks?


              • captured video ---> ?
              • captured audio ---> ?
              • video previews ---> ?
              • audio previews ---> ?
              • media cache ---> ?
              • dvd encoding ---> ?


              Looking forward to receiving your suggestions...;)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                With two physical HDD's (we'll ignore the partition now, as I got my 02¢ in above), you are limited. Here is how I would structure things:


                C:\ OS, programs and probably the Page File

                D:\ Projects, Assets, Captures, and all Export/Share plus all Scratch Disks


                The tenent of having more physical HDD's is to spread the I/O load, as much as one can, and to use separate HDD's for the most intensive read/write operations, like reading from a separate media HDD, reading and writing from the Scratch Disks from another, and Exporting to yet another. In heavy-duty NLE workstations, many will even separate their media HDD's, between Video and Audio, and will add RAID arrays just for those files. Same with Exports. As you can see, one can almost NEVER have too many HDD's, whether in RAID, or not, when doing video-editing.


                In your case, separating the OS and programs, plus the Page File, from all other aspects will give you the best performance. As I often migrate Projects between computers, I use the same setup, though each computer has between 3 and 12 HDD's. I place all Projects, Assets, Scratch Disks and Exports on a FW-800 external, so that I can plug that into the laptop, or the workstation, and everything is included, and in the same exact spot on either computer. I give up some ultimate performance, by NOT spreading things a bit more, but then I could not easily move the Projects, without having to move several externals per Project. Heck, it's hard enough for me to look at the label on the external, to see which Projects are on that one, let alone having to match up several for each Project. I could never keep up with that, so I live with slightly degraded performance.


                Good luck, and hope that this helps,