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    FB4 Persistent errors in code/files that don't exist.


      I swear I've seen something like this before, but my google-fu is failing me.


      Using Flash Builder 4.0.1


      At some point I triggered a 1136 error (incorrect # of args) while working with Window objects.


      I have since cleared the error, but the error remains, and continues to point to line 28.  Line 28 is a variable declaration, but it could be a comment, or entirely blank for all it seems to matter.


      I have tried to 'clean' the project.  I have exported, deleted and re-imported the project.  I have deleted the file that the error claims to exist in, cleaned the project again, and still nothing. So it clearly exists in some project-level meta-space, I just don't know where to begin.


      Description  |  Resource  |  Path  |  Location  |  Type
      1136: Incorrect number of arguments.  Expected 1.  |  SWFtoJS (doesn't exist)   |    line 28  (doubly doesn't exist)  |  Flex Problem


      I don't like ignoring compile errors, any guidance on the removal of this irritant would be appreciated.

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          efosGD Level 1

          Further details:


          The error is only visually represented in the GUI in the "Problems" panel, and as a red X on the project folder.  There are no error indicators on any packages, files, or in the code window of the alleged file.


          Project name is SWFtoJS


          'Show in -> Properties' shows:


          derived = false

          editable = true

          linked = false

          last modified = {time I last imported the project, I think}


          //For the next 3 lines, proper errors reference a specific file (or path ato speficif file), this seems to be a reference to the project

          location = {Project root folder location}

          name = SWFtoJS

          path = /SWFtoJS