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    How to create font, color and size options in a project

    AlphaBovine Level 1

      For the use of custom greeting cards, I am trying ot make it so that a client can edit their own card rather than having to do a lot of the manual work in Photoshop. While I am good with design I am a total newcomer to coding and Flash so forgive any ignorant or simple questions.


      I need to be able to have the client be able to not only type in the text they want (names, party information, etc) but be able to choose from a small drop down (or button or whatever) different colors, sizes or fonts. Not a lot, but something for them to be able to personzlie it. However while I can get the text to work ok, the ability to customize is a little confusing.


      I tried watching the Lynda tutorials but since I know next to nothing about AS3.0 it is a little hard for me to wrap my head around. Any help or coding suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!


      - J