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    Interactivity wiht Livecycle

    Brenda VT Labor Level 1

      I have just watched a webinar about LiveCycle and feel it is the thing we need for designing/producing our forms. I am trying to convince our IT guy that it will work with our mainframe and be relatively simple. What should I tell him? This is the question he has:


      "What we need is to get Adobe to output IBM .afp, IPDF Form Def and Page Def overlays."



      However, since he alksed this, we have now figured out how to get data off the mainframe into a PDF. I told him I beleive Livecycle is deisgned to do just that. I bleievve it is the product we need. I have to convince a grissly old IT guy who likes to do everything the hard way that this would be perfect. Any suggestions? (Unless of course I am wrong about Goverment application of Live cycle.)


      OH--I also want to find ONE pdf to print out a hard copy of the manual. My version is ES 8.2