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    RH 9 - Not able to edit project settings (styles)




      Once I import my FM 9 files I'm not able to edit my project settings via the Project Settings dialog. I can access the dialog, but when I try to edit the Style settings, none of the current style settings display. I followed the directions in Online Help and it did not indicate that this could not be done with imported documents as opposed to linked documents. Could that be the reason why?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          While importing a FM document, the style settings can be done through import wizard. Following steps may be followed.


          1. Click File->Import->FrameMaker Document menu item.

          2. "Import File" dialog opens. Browse and select the desried FrameMaker document.

          3. "Content Settings" dialog appears. Do any TOC/Index/Glossary related setting if required. Click Next.

          4. Click "Edit" button.

          5. "Conversion Settings" dialog opens where style related settings can be done. The dialog will show all the styles of the FrameMaker document being imported currently.


          This way style settings can be done for FrameMaker document being imported.


          The "Conversion Settings" dialog opened through "Project Settings" dialog displays the styles of all the linked documents and not of imported document. However, if some settings are done for a linked document, those settings are available by default for all the FM documents being imported in the project.


          I hope this resolves the issue.

          Please let us know in case you have further queries.