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    Problems with display in IE8--additional info


      Here's somethign I should have pointed out in the original posting: I have the same display problems as the customer when I view topics using Ctrl+W in RoboHelp. Perhaps if someone could identify why that's happening, it will solve everything.




      I sent my customer the output files for a WebHelp project I created (RoboHelp HTML, RH8). When he views a topic, round bullets are missing, arrows used as bullets are misaligned, and popups are too small. He's using IE8. Other people at the customer's office are seeing the same thing on their computers. This is what his screen looks like (ignore the fuzziness):




      Here is how it looks in IE8 on my screen:




      The customer found a Document Mode setting in IE8. His was set to Quirks Mode, as shown here:




      He changed the setting to IE8 Standards, and the display looked the way it was supposed to. My IE8 is set to Quirks Mode (apparently the default), and so that shouldn't have been the fix.


      The files are eventually going to be available on a state-government intranet.


      Does anyone know of anything I can do to my project so that the output will display properly without everyone who accesses it having to change a setting in IE?