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    video width / length - videos with different resolutions


      I have been downloading videos of youtube. Each video seems to have different screen width / length (resolutions).


      This is obviously effecting my project.


      Does anybody know of any good, free tools to download youtube videos in good quality and specifying the resolution required?


      - I am new to this, so im not sure if its even possible - would it effect the video?


      - I know there are various types of youtube formats (regular / high quality)



      My finished project is only going to be placed back on youtube - my main aim here is to get these various video clips of the same size!



      Any help is appreciated. Regards

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I assume that you are getting FLV files from YouTube. Is that correct?


          PrPro CS5 should be able to Import the FLV's. Just use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale to Scale any smaller Clips up to the Frame Size of your Project. That is basically what a conversion program will be doing, and with CS5, Scaling got even better. Still, and even with CS5, you are trying to edit material that has been heavily compressed many times, so quality will never be that good.


          Good luck, and hope that helps.