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    rendering versus cyberlink power director 64

    Photoquest8458 Level 1

      I was very suprised by this.  I used Premier Elements 9, and producer 64.  I assumed by the fact that cyberlink is native 64 bit application, that it would render way faster.


      Premier elements rendered TWICE AS FAST.


      Now of course i did not cover every situation,  i rendered a short movie ( few minutes long), but PE was twice as fast.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Interesting observation. I would have assumed that the 64-bit program would have been faster too. Obviously, there are other differences, but I do not know what they might be.


          I have an older PowerDirector (32-bit on a 32-bit OS), so cannot test.


          Thanks for sharing,



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            I have found power director 64 to be about 4 times faster than PE9 for rendering but the burn quality for dvd's in PE9 is much better

            Burn quality for BD are about the same When I am going to burn to a Bluray I use PD64 When I am going to a DVD I use PE9. Video that is inported in PE9 will work fine in PD64 but video inported in PD64 will lock up the PC if used in PE9 ( if more than 3 hours long).

            Slide shows are far better in PD64 and you dont have to resize photos before the inport.


            Just my 2 cents worth