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    Adobe 10X Reader


      Software Crashes when I ask it to print 2 copies of three pages every time.


      It does not happen with just two pages when asking for 2 copies.


      What I have tried:

      Removed and reinstalled


      Thanks for reading

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          Is this happening with all PDFs which have 2 pages or only with a specific PDF? Also, what is the Printer model that you are using and is the printer on a shared network or directly connected to your system.




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            PaulBirm Level 1

            Hello and Thanks

            Printer is a Ofiice jet pro 8500A


            Yes so far just a long PDF file I have and print pages off of it as I need it.

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              PaulBirm Level 1


              I just tried to print a multiple page doce 4 pages long with no problem.


              Maybe the file I have been using is corrupp a little or is there a setting I am missing?


              Thanks for the help!

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                Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



                Strange this is....

                Can you please try out the following to be sure of the problem:

                In the earlier post, you had said that printing 2 copies of 3 pages of a particular PDF was causing the crash whilst printing 2 copies of 2 pages wasnt. Can you try printing all individual pages of the document one by one and let me know which page in particular is causing the crash.


                If possible, can you please share the erroneous PDF, so that I am able to try the same at my end. You can share the same by uploading the document at Acrobat.com or any upload site such as sendbigfile.net.