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    Import P2 over FireWire like Final Cut Log and Transfer?

    Josh mehler Level 1



      The ONE issue keeping me from using Premiere (which came with my Master Collection CS5) is that I can't seem to import files from my Panasonic HVX200 in a simple way.   In trusty old Final Cut I can easily do it using Log and Transfer.  Rename files.  Log them in any way I like.  Then drag them in, converted to the format of my choice.  Cha ching!  If I could get the same functionality in Premiere, then I'd never need upgrade my Final Cut again.


      Thoughts?  Suggestions?




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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Premiere Pro doesn't do Log and Transfer; there is no need to. It works with the P2 MXF files natively. Just copy the folder structure (CONTENTS folder and its, um, contents) to your hard drive, navigate to that folder using the Media Browser (that's that file tree thing), and select the clips and drag them into your project. Moments later, you'll be ready to edit away.

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            shooternz Level 6

            ...and welcome to the superior functionality and workflow of Premiere Pro.

            and P2 mxf files.

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              Josh mehler Level 1

              I find it hard to belive that this is Adobe's solution.  Dragging those obtuse folders from my P2 card is not my idea of file management.  I consider the ability to gennerate a named, logged file to be a critical element in the first part of my post production workflow.  The last thing I want are a bunch of random, unsearchable folders of nonsense that I can only search through by opening Premire, and using it as a browser.


              The Log and Transfer in Final Cut is an elegant and fast way for me to select the files I wish to use, name them appropriately, and then bring them into my chosen location in the format I choose. If you've never used this function, here is a demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4dd-tAosHY


              However, shooternz may not have been being sarcastic, and so I'm very interested to know if there is some advantage to working with mxf files, rather than QuickTime?

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                shooternz Level 6

                I was absolutely not being sarcastic.


                Log and Transfer is a tedious and time consuming way of creating an intermediate file larger than the original source  clip  ( doubling up your storage  requirement)  Pro res is not a universal cross platform source  file  - P2 mxf is.


                Editing and ingesting source files natively is fast but it does require a different workflow if you are used to a filenaming convention similar to tape based capture.


                I simply use the available columns in the Project window to id tor describe the shots.  Some editors use metadata more extensively.


                I sort my columns based on the TC start.


                Workflow is shoot to P2 card

                Transfer to local hard drive

                Use media browser in PPRO  and drag in what ever mxf files you want or need to a Bin  ( ie Rushes Bin or Clip Bin).

                Edit immediately.


                Whats the difficulty?


                BTW - I have used P2  mxf with a Mac FCP system.   Hated it.

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                  Josh mehler Level 1

                  Shooternz, thank you for clarifying.  I see your point.  I'm glad that works for you.  It sounds like you've really found a good way to work in Premiere.  Your advocacy for that way of working is compelling.


                  Here are my concerns.  Since you asked, "What's the dificulty?"  I'm not a pure video editor.  I'm a multimedia producer who shoots video, photos, creates tons of graphics, audio files, and a million other varied tasks, incuding needing raw files way into the future for edit in many programs.  If all I did was edit video then it would be fine.  Lots of random files, forgotten about later.  No big deal.  But, for me, I'll need those source files again.  And I'll want them when I jump to After Effects, ScreenFlow, or need a single fram to screen cap.  I won't want the whole Premiere Project.  Just one quick file.


                  Also, I recall very vividly when Adobe dumped Premiere for mac.  So, I have no intention of relying on it as my long-term file management solution.  Once bitten... as the old cliche goes.


                  Finally, what about Log and Transfer is tedious?  I find it relaxing.  Honestly.  When I said "elegant" I meant it.  It's one of my favorite bits of software.  And don't we all have our little favorites?  There are all the files on my card.  Now I'm watching to see which takes I like.  I name them, drag the winners into the box below.  It's worth any wait as far as I'm concerned.  Then the files are name clearly in my folder.


                  In the end, my feeling is that if Premiere really wants to play hardball, they ought to step up and help everyone with whatever workflow get files in, using the method they like.  It's a shame because they are 1/2 way there with the File Browser thing.  They could just add on bit of functionality, "Import to 'file' in 'format'."  Cha ching!

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Fair enough so here is your solution...


                    You open  Adobe Media encoder.


                    You drag your mxf file(s) into it.

                    You select a transcode and a naming protocol of your choice and location.

                    Batch encode them.  (You are not restricted to the restrictive codecs that Apple  & Steve Jobs thinks you should use)


                    Open into  Premiere  project and edit natively (with all the DL advantages.)


                    Still not sure why anyone would not wish to edit natively but .. every one to their own .


                    I can understand "elegance".  Good luck.