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    [Pre Ele 9] Audio tracks in project are frozen. Unable to move, edit, or even select.




      This is my first project using Premiere. Great program, when you know what you're doing. Right now, I'm on a modest laptop, Vista 32-bit, 2 gigs of RAM, Dual CPU @ 2.00 ghz. My project consists of .wma files, some .mp3's, .wav's, and some .jpgs. It's a small project, only ten minutes, about 20 clips, some 20 cuts.


      I don't know exactly what happened. I was trying to move all my audio files I had to close this gap I made. But I think I clicked group, or link or something by mistake, and now, two of my audio tracks are literally unresponsive. They play perfectly for the preview, but I can't move them. I can't even select them. Right clicking the sound track does nothing. Even weirder is that my Audio 1 track is normal. It's just my narration and soundtrack tracks that are causing problems. I've researched online, and I heard about them being "locked" or "disabled", or something with Keyframes. But I don't think that's it. Or maybe I need more of a noob's guide. I turned on track size and saw the waveform for my audio. It's there, but it's dimmer than my Audio 1 waveform. Also, I tried Render and Replace, but that didn't work. Lastly, whenever I try adding a new audio file in any of the two audio  tracks, the program basically ignores it and places it in Audio 1 or  even creates a new audio track.


      I know I did something so simple, I know I just need to uncheck this tiny little option. Maybe some of you are even chuckling. But please, help me. End this torment.


      If you need more information, let me know.


      Thank you for your consideration.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Noone knows why, but the soundtrack and narration tracks regularly DO cause problems. First make copies of your original audio tracks (just in case) Then, as you cannot remove them from the timeline, try deleting them from the Project Media pane. This should warn you that it will remove the items from the timeline. Select yes. Go back to your project and add the audio clips to one of the higher audio tracks (e.g. Audio_2 and Audio_3.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Neale on this one. The Narration and Soundtrack are "fixed" Audio Tracks, and have at least one property, that other Audio Tracks do not have - they cannot be Deleted. Usually, they work just fine, as their names indicate, but then sometimes, they just refuse to work properly. Why? I have never seen a common element, when they just sort of freeze up, or refuse to mix-down their Clips.


            Because this behavior has struck several, most of us just recommend NOT using either, and instead, just using an empty regular Audio Track. I cannot recall an instance, when that proceeure did not work. This behavior has been around since about PrE4.0, by my readings, but may have happened to even earlier versions. There is just something in the structure of those two Audio Tracks, that gets "out of alignment," either with certain operations, or perhaps certain Assets.


            On the note of "certain Assets," do you happen to have any MP3's on either of those Tracks? They can cause no end to problems, and not just on those two fixed Audio Tracks. If you do have MP3's, take a look at this ARTICLE.


            Good luck,